Friday, May 26, 2006

March with the Soul Patrol

As you all knew, the results were out and the winner was crowned yesterday. As I expected, Taylor Hicks won the American Idol 5 after a one man show in the finale.

Taylor Hicks
He's smart in chosing his songs in the finals. Why? It's because he chose songs that he sang quite some time ago. So, the audiences will not be able compare this performance with his last. His first song was 'Living for the City' which is so much better that Katharine. His second song,'Levon' was also not bad because he's doing his thing again. He ended the competition with his last song which is his new song,'Do I Make You Proud' (quite a boring song but Taylor improvised the song well). He stood out in the crowd and totally crushed Katharine's hope of winning...(wink)

Katharine McPhee
It was not her day. Her songs selection was not good and her voice was really bad. It's a good thing that it happened that way because she don't really deserved to win. Her first song was a surprise. She chose 'Black Horse and Cherry Tree'. I think that song was not big enough for the finale...(wink).. Her second song was not a surprise. She sang 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' again. I think she made a mistake again because she just sang that song last week and people will compare her performance with the last one. I think she didn't sang the song as well as she sang last week..(wink).. Her last song was disastrous. She sang the new single 'My Destiny'. She was out of tune so many times in the song which is not suitable for her at all. It sounded weird...(wink). Everyone said that the song was bad and I wonder who's gonna buy the single? In the lyrics, there's a line that says 'Dream come true'. Well, it's a dream come true that she did not win the competition after that performance.

The American Idol Gold Award was ridiculous. By the way, Clay Aiken looks so different but he sounded great.I could hardly recognize him. I just can’t believe how much his look had changed since he joined American Idol.Before that, he's just a weird looking teacher...
Clay Aiken with his new look :

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Journey Over for E-Train

It is so sad to say that Elliot Yamin will not be in the Kodak Treatre competing for American Idol. He was eliminated in the final three showdown. And I'm kind of disappointed. First, Chris Daughtry........ then, Elliot....I'm just speechless. Now, I wonder if Elliot is really the one that was suppose to be eliminated. What I mean is, what if they have already picked a winner. Throughout the competition, Katharine is like as if she gets imunity from being eliminated. Just think about it, she got through even though she sang badly (Elvis week). The apology from Simon is kind of fake to me. Are there a conspiracy? This gives me something to think about......

Thoughout this competition, there are three contestants that I really like. Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks. To bad, Chris and Elliot didn't make it to the finale...

Elliot Yamin
It's a pity that he's not in the finale... I think besides Taylor, Elliot actually did quite well. It's just that Paula picked the wrong song for him and both Randy and Simon picked the perfect song for Taylor and Katharine.. Clive Davis is said to be behind a lot of great stars's career includes Whitney Houston. But his song selection for the top three leave many scatching their heads. Of many good songs to pick, he chose 'Open Arms' for Elliot which I think not Elliot type of song. The song the Paula picked is good but lack of the WOW factor. So, Elliot unable to create a special moment in the songs. Did you listened to Elliot's last song? He might be spreading a message by choosing that song. Once someone is out of American Idol, the person is easily forgotten. Let's just hope that Elliot won't be one of them. Let's just hope someone give him a recording deal too.....

Katharine McPhee
I really think she is very lucky again. The song Clive Davis chose for her is weird. Her rendition of 'I Believe I Can Fly' was so weird because she made so many changes to the song. And I believe she had a problem singing high key with a loud voice. It sounded like a cat screeching. She sang three songs ; one of the song was great and the other two was boring and forgetable. No matter how inconsistent she was, she still gets through.

Taylor Hicks
The Soul Patrol is in the finale and I hope he will win but what I hope may not come true... He's the best in this week's top three... I think the music arrangement of 'Try A Little Tenderness' helped him a lot. I actually didn't expect him to be in the final. But he's my pick to win.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

David vs. Goliath

The English FA Cup final was simply a trilling match. Liverpool as the favourites to win the match did win but by penalty shoot-out. West Ham, the unexpected finalist almost won the Cup but Steven Gerrard spoiled their game by leveling up in injury time with a ferocious long range half volley. It’s 3-3. Seriously, if you missed this match, you are really unlucky.

The Reds were really lucky to win the FA Cup. Again and again, they were behind the underdogs, West Ham, because of defensive error. Reina was killing Liverpool’s game because his positioning was really poor. And their strikers were not really performing except Cisse. Both Morientes and Crouch were not in form and Liverpool started the game off really poor. But determined Gerrard won’t let Liverpool fall apart. He kept the team together even though for so many times, Liverpool was trailing behind West Ham. As you all know Liverpool was the favourites to win and if they didn’t, it would be a shame for them as they were facing a team that was just promoted from the Championship last season. Cisse scored the first goal for Liverpool. Later in the match, Gerrard scored the second to level up the match. Peter Crouch was substituted early because he was not performing and I wonder how he was selected in the England World Cup team. In the injury time and when West Ham thought they were winning, Stevie G scored a cracker from 25-30 yards away. Though the extra time, Liverpool dominated the match as expected. But they were unable to find the net. The team was suffered a setback as Cisse, Sissoko and Gerrard suffered cramp during extra time. But that won’t stopped them from lifting the Cup. They played on because all substitution options were used. Liverpool hold on till extra time was finished. After that, they knew they will win as they knew they were the better side in penalty shoot-out. They won the shoot out by 3-1. I won’t say Reina was a hero in the shoot-out because West Ham penalty takers blundered themselves in the penalty box. So, Liverpool did out-performed West Ham in the shoot-out and lifted the Cup. I guess they were really relieved.

West Ham
The Hammers were the underdogs in this match. They had nothing to lose so they just give all they had in this match. Surprisingly, they were leading throughout the match until… know what happened next… I don’t think I need to repeat it again. But anyway, They were the better side in the first half and the second half but they had kind of fallen apart during extra time as they just sit back and defend. Nigel Reo-Coker being such a young captain (only 20 years old) for West Ham… I think he did well. The team was organised and everyone in the team knew what they were doing. They were making full use of they possession and their chances because they knew they were the weaker side. Although the were the weaker side, their team chemistry or team spirit were higher. Teddy Sheringham, being such an old and experienced striker (40 years old), he’s still be able to played in the final as a substitute. He’s the only one that scored in the penalty shoot-out for West Ham. I was impressed by West Ham players’ determination especially Marlon Harewood. Even though he faced injury (cramp, I guess) during extra time, he kept on playing till the game is over. Let me tell you that he was in real painful situation. Anton Ferdinand was the last penalty taker for West Ham. Reina saved it and Anton, I believe, was in tears. Even though Liverpool won the game, West Ham can considered themselves winner for what they had shown in the match.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Idol Fanatic

The top 3 was chosen and the finale of American Idol is coming soon. The top three are Elliot Yamin, Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. Chris Daughtry was eliminated from the Elvis week. I'm quite unhappy as he is one of my favourites. I am really hoping for a Chris-Elliot finale.... but it's too bad. I thought Chris will win and he is among the best in the Elvis week. But it's was a shock result that he was out.Weeks ago, he sang some songs very well such as 'Have You Ever Loved a Woman' and 'What a Wonderful World'.

I hoped somebody out there will give him a recording contract..... I heard that he got an offer by Fuel as they wants him to be their lead singer( Just to let you know that they are an established rock band if you don't know who their are. Chris sang one of their song in American Idol which is Hemorrage). I think it's a good thing as now he can continue to do the music of his style. Remember Constantine Maroulis.., He's the lead singer in his band called Pray For the Soul of Betty. Is it a something wrong that rockers can't win the American Idol etc. Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis and Chris Daughtry? Now back to the competition... the question now is who will win?

Elliot Yamin
He's my favourite after Chris is out. Listening back to all his songs, I must say that he is the most consistent as I did not heard any bad note from him. He has a somewhat husky voice, a voice that I'm not bored with. What I saw on was that he has the most comments and most of his comments are positive. I guess he has a large fan base(I'm a fan myself) and let's hope the fans vote.

Taylor Hicks
He's a singer that gives out lots of energy in his songs. He has 'unique' dance moves (Even though sometimes his songs are quite forgetable but you never forget his dance move). I hope he will be in the finale with Elliot. But anyway, I still can't see him as a winner. He got his own style in singing and I think he very suitable singing Blues or Jazz music.

Katharine McPhee
I think she is very lucky to in the competition. She's always one of the favourites to win. But I hope she will be out next week. She is good in singing and had a pretty face. But honestly, I'm really bored of her voice.

This competition is not about choosing the best singer but is about choosing the most popular singer. We'll see what will happened next week....