Saturday, October 28, 2006


West Ham did exceptionally well last season in the Premiership as a newly promoted team…. What happened this year? It does seem that The Hammers have lost their touch… their luck….and their talents… Halfway through the season now, and most of us are clueless why West Ham did so badly this season. They did so well last year and now they have 8 losses in a row! Furthermore, two (so-called) world class players, Javier Macherano and Carlos Tevez had joined the club in the beginning of the season. So, they had absolutely no reason to perform so badly….if you think logically.

What had gone wrong? Is it that the manager, Alan Pardew, is the reason? In my opinion,
Nope. Even when West Ham is doing this badly, I myself (most of us) will not blame on Pardew. In fact, I’m kind of feeling pity for him. He’s a good manager but the real reason is that the team is not performing.

Fans (especially West Ham fans) are being let down by the two so-called world class players. When the season began to start, many clubs were chasing after him… but they decided to go to West Ham… And I thought this will be West Ham’s big break. But their performances (to me) are not up to mark… I guess they just haven’t or can’t cope with English football. (You can observe throughout the years that South Americans always have difficulty coping with English football.) Besides that, the whole team is just letting us down…. It’s like they just can’t clicked a team anymore.

Hillsongs United!!!

Hillsongs are coming!! I feel like watching...... although it's not Darlene's band....!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

One In a Million

One In a Million is a one of a kind of singing - talent show in Malaysia that surely emphasized on popularity rathar than talent. The ultimate prize.... a million ringgit. This competition lets undiscovered singers to compete against each other... wait a minute... profesional singers are allowed to join too. Viewers (like me) think that it is clearly unfair for undiscovered talents to compete with the pro's because they already have build up their fan base while the newbies have to start from the bottom. Besides, all of us want to see some fresh bloods and not familliar faces! That explains why Dayang and Farah got booted out of the competition.

The finale is quite special 'cause it's a three way battle rather than the usual 1 on 1. The finalists are Suki, Faizal (my favourite) and Alif. If Faizal wasn't recalled to the final (cause there's no elimination), it would have been a teenage battle. But anyway, Suki won the competition as expected.

Some of Suki's performances :

Some of Faizal's performances :

but of all performances in any singing competition in Malaysia,
I still prefer this: