Sunday, August 19, 2007

Breaking The Record

In conjunction of the 50th Merdeka celebration this year, my school aimed for the record books and created this giant 'Jalur Gemilang' kolam measuring 73.3m x 41.3m . Months ago, when Dr. Kathiresan, a teacher, spoke of this project, some of us actually doubted if this is going to work or not. The aim was to raise money to improve the school's facilities.

Creating this big piece of kolam wasn't an easy task at all. First of all, the drawing which the form 6 students did.. I think it's amazing that it matched so well. I'll never know how hard is it to sketch the whole thing out but I heard it was dreadful. Then, the colouring the rice. Next, gluing the rice on the polystyrene sheets. We, Form 5, weren't not given much opportunity to be involved as mostly were done by the form 6. But we, indeedly, knew how crazy and tiring this project was because we did the gluing too. For 2 days, we left our classrooms behind and stayed on the field during school hours. Under the hot scorching sun, we had to paste the coloured rice on the polystyrene sheets. It seems pretty easy at first. But think of it, 2040 sheets of polystyrenes and we were fighting against time. I had to say, doing one row of the kolam can wear you out for the rest of the day.

Furthermore, we had to forget about cleanliness as all of us looked dirty and crappy at the end of the day. You know, glue and colour stains everywhere. It was awful.
When we thought everything was done, we found out that mould were growing on some the sheets. No joke! The sheets were greenish-black and it stinks. We did a full rehearsal and the whole thing was amazing but ugly. So amusing.. After all the hard work, we thought we created a mess. But luckily, we mended everything back in time. In the end, we, ACS Ipoh students and teachers of year 2007, are in the Malaysia Book of Records.
It wasn't that overwhelming for me. Some of us, Form 5's were not as spirited as the Form 6 in this. But it's really satisfying to see the end result of the kolam and to see it ended up in the main page of The Star.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

NS!! Oh, NS!!

Tahniah, anda telah terpilih untuk mengikuti Program Latihan Khidmat Negara Siri 5/2008.

Negeri : PERAK

I'm not sure if 'tahniah' is the right word to be used here.
I don't think it's everyone around my age's dream to be picked.
Frankly, if given a chance to choose whether to be picked for national service or not, I would prefer not to be chosen. But it didn't seems like I have a choice here. I'm quite okay with it. Kind of half expected this. Just that I rather spend my holidays in another way. Hope it's a fun one..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

LTC '07

It's been a while since the last time I update my blog. Well, actually, I never really have much time to blog now. By the way, this post is about the prefects camp I went last month. This was the second time I attended LTC which stands for Leadership Training Camp but this time as a senior and not a camper. This camp was actually for the probationary prefects - Form 3, 4 and Lower 6. Different themes are used every year. Since it's all about 'leadership' in this camp, superhero was the theme this year.

The campers were given a short period of time to paint their group flags that represent the hero that each group had chosen. Some of them chose the heroes whom are unknown to us; how thoughtful of them to think perhaps that will shut us up when we ask questions about their group hero. The results were pretty 'impressive'. Check out the flags:


This hero is one of those who is unknown. Spawn? I think he's either an old-skul hero or a newbie.

Sparkian (Lightning Lad)
First of all, I don't even know whether Sparkian exists in the superhero world or not. Well, I have searched the net for this 'hero' and the outcome was zero. Is it a false name or something?
Correction : I recently found out that the hero they were refering to was Lightning Lad. Why change the name to Sparkian....?

This is what u get when u named your group after an unknown superhero or painted a real 'artistic' flag. No one remembers u. Can someone tell me who this forgotten hero is ?

~p.s.~ (8/8/07) - Daredevil, woh!

Human Torch

I'll leave the one below for you to guess. Nope, he's not a surferboy and had nothing to do with surfing....

He's Cyclops. The flag above was so 'well painted', right? Haha..

Ghost Rider


Ok.. the wolverine on the flag actually looks more like a smiley who's wearing a mask. :p

Silver Surfer

I'll let the pictures do the talking, alright?

Tea-time!! Joking only... Didn't force them to eat the maggots. They were reserved for other purposes...

"Mixed but not Match"- Theme for the nostalgic night.. I never knew they were so serious in dressing up for the night.

.........................~The school field in the dark~.........................

Anyway, I think I'll be blogging really less now until trials and SPM are over. :(