Friday, July 18, 2008

Survival Race

Recently, we, the lower six committee of Six Form Society had organised a series of games for the lower sixes and an upper six group. It was named the Survivor Race. Teams (classes) competed among each each other in this physical and mind enduring( yeah, right?!!) race. We prepared these games in the nick of time. So, if anyone did find our games not challenging.... sorry lar.. Anyway, I do believe everyone had fun based from their expressions.

Duck Race

Friday, July 11, 2008

High Praise


CF High praise was held earlier today and I was part of the worship team (as backup worship singer). It was a first time experience for me and we actually have no preparation of it. We weren't able to find a time to practise and we did everything on-the-spot. I was quite happy that it went quite well as far as concern and so much for a last-minute preparation. Thank God. We did the first session and sang The Time Has Come, Adonai, Here I Am To Worship and I Adore.

I joined the ACS Closed Badminton Competition again, but now in singles. Yup. Singles. I really don't know why I did this to myself. I could had joined Doubles or Mixed Doubles but I didn't. And I paid RM5 for it.. I knew I was going to get trashed out of the competition early for the standard I'm in. But at least I beat my first opponent this time but only to see myself going against a first seeded in the next round. The results of my second match is really obvious, right? I got beaten flat. Expected. Well, for self-comforting, at least I reached the second round which I thought I couldn't.

I was selected as editor of Six Form Society recently. Initially, I had no thoughts of joining this club but my 'dear' friend, Weng Kit, nominated me in. So, somehow, I decided to give it a go. We'll be organising a 'Survivor Race' for the lower sixes this upcoming Wednesday but I don't know how the turnout is going to be like. Wednesday seems to be a busy day for everyone. Even I had to change the date of my Maths tuition for it.

Prefects Leadership Training Camp (LTC) will be on this upcoming Friday and I was selected as the leader of Group 4. The theme is Supernatural. To be frank, I'm not really fond of this theme but I had to go with the flow. There's not really a wide range of group name selections and I wondered if fantasy creatures are classified as Supernaturals or not. There are other groups who named themselves, Voldemort, Phantom and Lucifer. I decided to choose my group name as Werewolves after rejecting thoughts of other names such as Phantom or Shadow Reaper. It's not easy to be a group leader. I'm really making myself really busy now because I have to think of cheers and sketch for my group. I organised group meetings recently but there were a few members who were MIA (Missing In Action). Swt. Even till now, I haven't seen some of my group members in meeting.. Feeling like wanna taruh them teruk teruk. Swt.


My Bio tuition teacher shown us this video which left me stunned. Sand Painting. It seems so easy on the video.