Friday, September 29, 2006

Male Restroom Etiquette

I didn't know that the toilet can be such a dangerous place..HAHA!! Don't ever take this video seriously!! It's stupid but yet funny.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Football = Monopoly Game

What do you think of today’s footballing world? Well, we can see clearly that it is all about the money, right? Well, we can see that in the past, football is all about football. But now, the money factor becomes part of professional football. I really can’t imagine the amount of money is put into football. It doesn’t come in hundreds or thousands but it comes in millions!

What drives an oil business billionaire to get involve in football? What makes an American tycoon who knew very little about football to buy over a world-known football club? What drives millionaires, billionaires and even a prime minister to try to get into the footballing world even when they have nothing to do with football?

What Roman Abramovich is doing to Chelsea is truly insane. I don’t know the exact figure but I believe he had used hundred million solely on buying players. And it feels like he is playing ‘Monopoly’ where he can buy whatever he wants with unlimited cash. Chelsea which was once a middle league team was packed with star players after Roman came in. How about Malcolm Glazer? He was so determined to buy and take over Manchester United that he had to use his American football team’s money. I believe Aston Villa was the latest EPL club to be taken over, right?

Let’s go abroad to Spain and take a look at Real Madrid. They never stopped buying players and will never stop. Every season, everyone will be wondering who they will bring in. Yes, they had lured Ruud van Nistelrooy (one of my favourite from MU….(heartbroken)..), Reyes and …. They spent so much and we’ll be wondering where did the money come from? In a different case, Juventus ‘Old Lady’ Turin and a few clubs was heavily fined because of corruption (also related to money). Now the Old Lady had fallen into Serie B with deducted points.

Roy ‘Keano’ Keane was once the most expensive player in UK with transfer fee of 3 million…. The figure multiplied by a lot as Rio Ferdinand’s transfer fee was 30 million pounds. Well, footballers these days put their pay as their main priority.

In the nutshell, football is like a game of ’Monopoly’.