Friday, December 19, 2008

AGM Huhahuha Performance

This clip was taken from Prefects AGM back in August.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Young Writers' Camp :P

Standing from left : Fayan, Jian Lin, Jo Fan, Me, Brian, Phui Yee, Lydia, Timothy
Squatting/Kneeling from left : Sophia, Sarah, Sieh Jin, Elliot

There were so many events that went on lately and I rarely had time to blog. I came back from Young Writers' Camp not too long ago. My initial view of this camp was that I found it rather intriguing. There was a certain inferiority complex in myself as I found out that most of the other campers were creative and genius writers. Anyway, I know I shouldn't think in that manner. The experience was a little similar like BRATs Workshop. The difference was that for this time we really did print our very own NEWSPAPERs!

This camp was held in a Christian camping centre called Harvest Haven. If I didn't attend this camp, I'll never know such a place exists especially in a small suburban town like Gopeng. Located in the middle of an oil palm plantation (I'm serious), it's fascinating that this centre has a football field, basketball court and even an acceptable-size pool.

Basically, we were somehow 'working' as journalists (writers, photographers..etc...etc) in the camp. There were four groups producing 3 issues of 4 different 2-page newspapers.

This is the Papyrus. One of the newspaper by another group. The so-called 'The Original Paper'. Well, maybe they got it right there since the existence of papyrus was from 'I don't know when' age...

This is the NewsForest with its tagline; 'It's a Jungle Out There'. Wonder how they got this name from? Someone suggested ' News For Us' but ironically, everyone else from the group heard 'NewsForest'. :p

The Eleventh Hour : First-hand Last-Minute News was quite a interesting name. I wonder if CNN was their influence?...

I got to say it. I'm really proud of my group's newspaper. It's called THE TOILET PAPER! Well, we didn't want something too serious so we decided to choose a totally random name. We got hype-up with the name that we went as far as changing the taglines everyday.

  • Cheap Yet Indispensable
  • News Today, Used Tomorrow
  • We Get Dirty But We Get The Job Done

We even have a whole list of taglines that we never managed to use.
  • We Change It Everyday
  • Wipe and Swipe
  • You'll Need It In Emergency
  • Handy News Before You Flush
  • We Write The News While You're On Business

DARN! WE CAN MAKE A BUSINESS OUT OF THIS! Haha! Thanks, Brian, for the name.