Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April Birthday Wishes

April, April, April.... No idea why but it's really the month of birthdays. And the best part of all is that it is really a privilege to know someone who shares the same birthday as I do. Not one but 3.


Happy Birthday to my 'twin sister' Sue Jane! I'll call u my 'twin sister' since we were born on the same day.

To Ben's mum, Aunty Susan, Happy Birthday!

Happy 19th Birthday, See Pui!

And of course, Happy Birthday to myself. (memang tak tau malu - wishing myself?!? haha)

April 14 - To Karen Choong, Happy Belated Birthday.

April 17 - Happy Birthday, Wing Seng if u ever come across this blog..

April 18 - Tabby, Happy 18th Birthday!

April 28 - To the little baby Shan Ren, Happy upcoming Birthday!

Blessed Birthdays, everyone!