Friday, December 19, 2008

AGM Huhahuha Performance

This clip was taken from Prefects AGM back in August.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Young Writers' Camp :P

Standing from left : Fayan, Jian Lin, Jo Fan, Me, Brian, Phui Yee, Lydia, Timothy
Squatting/Kneeling from left : Sophia, Sarah, Sieh Jin, Elliot

There were so many events that went on lately and I rarely had time to blog. I came back from Young Writers' Camp not too long ago. My initial view of this camp was that I found it rather intriguing. There was a certain inferiority complex in myself as I found out that most of the other campers were creative and genius writers. Anyway, I know I shouldn't think in that manner. The experience was a little similar like BRATs Workshop. The difference was that for this time we really did print our very own NEWSPAPERs!

This camp was held in a Christian camping centre called Harvest Haven. If I didn't attend this camp, I'll never know such a place exists especially in a small suburban town like Gopeng. Located in the middle of an oil palm plantation (I'm serious), it's fascinating that this centre has a football field, basketball court and even an acceptable-size pool.

Basically, we were somehow 'working' as journalists (writers, photographers..etc...etc) in the camp. There were four groups producing 3 issues of 4 different 2-page newspapers.

This is the Papyrus. One of the newspaper by another group. The so-called 'The Original Paper'. Well, maybe they got it right there since the existence of papyrus was from 'I don't know when' age...

This is the NewsForest with its tagline; 'It's a Jungle Out There'. Wonder how they got this name from? Someone suggested ' News For Us' but ironically, everyone else from the group heard 'NewsForest'. :p

The Eleventh Hour : First-hand Last-Minute News was quite a interesting name. I wonder if CNN was their influence?...

I got to say it. I'm really proud of my group's newspaper. It's called THE TOILET PAPER! Well, we didn't want something too serious so we decided to choose a totally random name. We got hype-up with the name that we went as far as changing the taglines everyday.

  • Cheap Yet Indispensable
  • News Today, Used Tomorrow
  • We Get Dirty But We Get The Job Done

We even have a whole list of taglines that we never managed to use.
  • We Change It Everyday
  • Wipe and Swipe
  • You'll Need It In Emergency
  • Handy News Before You Flush
  • We Write The News While You're On Business

DARN! WE CAN MAKE A BUSINESS OUT OF THIS! Haha! Thanks, Brian, for the name.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Into the Heart of Penang

Penang a.k.a. the Pearl of Orient Island gained popularity recently after a few of its sites being awarded as UNESCO's Heritage Sites. My family had indeed been there a few times. But out of cuckoo-bananas, we decided to explore the city again but this time on foot.


I don't know what's with the striking blue colour paint job on this mansion.

We don't see these bikes often on the streets. Gosh! Check out the price.. Well, It seems that some toys are meant for rich brats. :P

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Sunday, August 17, 2008

The LTC Aftermath

The prefects' LTC was finally over. :)

In total, I went for LTC for 3 times and it was my second time as a camper. Just want to say, I SURVIVED again...! The shrinking of the size of the fonts is just to signal that I'm currently losing my voice. Well, besides some minor muscle ache, I'm pretty much still standing strong. My initial expectations of this mind-enduring camp was actually higher. But anyway, I was glad too that the seniors decided to give us more rest in this LTC.

Since the theme was Supernatural, my group was called the Werewolves. I'm quite proud of myself and my group from this experience particularly because... - We use our voices to the limit in our group cheers even though we were small in numbers compared to other groups . We decided to take a dive in mud pit while the others pulled out because it was raining. And finally, although we are not physically prepared, we did not give up in the games and exercises especially EBO training (EBO stands for Exercise Bagi Otak. Yup, it's quite a lame name and I don't know who came up with the idea.) In EBO training, we have to stay in an akward position without moving for a long period of time under the hot scorching sun. Imagine the pain and the numbness we felt from our muscles. Quite excruciating but we did it.

Will post the photos when I get my hands on them...

thanks a lot to my group advisors See Pui and Jo Ann for snatching back my group flag in countless stealing attempts.. I owe it to both of u..
-p.s. (again) - thanks a lot to my team members and sorry for pushing u all too hard in the night trekking game.. I owe it to u all too..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Survival Race

Recently, we, the lower six committee of Six Form Society had organised a series of games for the lower sixes and an upper six group. It was named the Survivor Race. Teams (classes) competed among each each other in this physical and mind enduring( yeah, right?!!) race. We prepared these games in the nick of time. So, if anyone did find our games not challenging.... sorry lar.. Anyway, I do believe everyone had fun based from their expressions.

Duck Race