Thursday, June 26, 2008

Form 6

It was quite hard for me to blog since Form 6 restarted. Life is getting busy and busier nowadays and I'm constantly feeling tired. Anyway, this is what Form 6 (pre-U) is all about. Busy, hectic but fun.

Why I chose to be in Form 6? I had been bombarded by this question by most of my Form 5 classmates who got sick of school life and went for private education. According to some of them, Form 6 life is really hard and they are absolutely true. STPM is regarded as one of the toughest exam in the world. It's just merely statistics but that's why only 4 of us from my Form 5 class stayed back for Form 6. Well, no one said that further education will be any much easier.

I'm staying put in science stream (Bio class) since I have not decided or have a firm idea of what I'm gonna be in future. But that is the decision I had made and I must go on with it. Form 6 is not that bad after all but the subject syllabuses are a lot deeper, specific and challenging. In other words, I'm actually 'swimming from shallow waters to a deep ocean and I have to stay afloat and not sink.'