Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Tried Our very BEST, No Regrets

Guess what? It just didn't went our way although many thought that ACS choir were the better team. :'( We tried our very best but it just wasn't our day. We lost to Sri Kledang and is considered second 'cause Buntong didn't turn up. The result is really disappointing! It happened exactly the same way like two years ago when we sang our best but didn't win.

We just wasn't happy at the results but had to accept the bitterness of it. Sri Kledang and ACS sang the same Malay song which is Putra Putri. Our choir's second song is A Chorus Line Medley while Sri Kledang sang Bangawan Solo.

No regrets.. Despite only one week of serious training (our practices were greatly delayed by the school play), we progressed very fast and well. I really enjoyed the moments practising together in choir. Sri Kledang, on the other hand, had practiced for months for their concert and competition. We, at least, gave them a fight. Sigh!

I'll really miss the days of practising together for competition since it's our last year being together. Winning and losing are really out of our control but at least we enjoyed ourselves in singing the two songs.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Day has Come...

It's quite daunting to think of the choir competition which is on tomorrow. I still can't believe the day is so near but seriously, the team had trained hard for this and I hope that we'll be able to sing well and the results will turn out well. I got to admit that we started training quite late but still, win or lose, at least,we have to sing with dignity. We are hosting the competition and our opponents are Sri Kledang and Buntong.

Although we got second in Kinta 1 district (we sang Suara and One Day More from Les Miserables') last year, it's never easy 'cause Sri Kledang upset MGS last year. Of course we have high hopes of winning but anything can happen. All the best and pray hard!!!

A more competitive competition was held last Thursday which was between Sam Tet, AMC, Main Convent, MGS and Teknik. Seriously, we have lots of reason to be glad not to be in this group. I heard that Sam Tet was really.. really.. really good and AMC which had beaten us last year couldn't match them. They got second and Main Convent got third.

Someone posted AMC's song on Youtube

"Enjoy and feel the song". Haha, I have heard of this advise a zillion times. Anyway, tomorrow is the competition and I hope everything turns out well. Gambate, ACS!!!