Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Kinta 1 Choir Competition 2006

Wow!! I'm in another competition in one week!! I had joined the ACS Choir Club for quite some time ago. I actually joined for the fun but everything turned serious as the competition was getting closer. We practised very hard as we had to get out from class during school hours for choir practises. Although I did miss a lot of classes, I think that it is worth it because we were practising hard to win.

On the 18th of April 2006 which is the competition day, we are really nervous but we were damn 'semangat'!! The competition was held in TCS, which is our Choir Club president's school. Maybe that's the reason why she did not sang with us in the competition. But it's ok. She was there to guide and watch us sing. She did gave us some advises. No matter what's the results, as long as we have fun, everything will be fine!!

Tasek Damai was the first school to sing. They sang an unknown malay song and One Voice. They sang quite okay but we are not very worried about them. The next school to sing was AMC (Ave Maria Convent). They sang Mimpi (Malaysian Idol). I can't remember what English song they sang. But the arrangement of Mimpi is very different from the original song. They did quite well as they were one of the main contenders.

Next is ACS!!!!!!! Take a deep breath!!!!! We sang Suara and One Day More from Les Miserables. Bagaikan bulan...............ONE DAY MORE!!!!! Oh yeah!! the feeling was great!!! I don't know what the audiences think but I think we did great!!! Ah.... I felt so relieved and happy at that moment. I think Marianne was really pleased with our performance. GOood job, ACS Choir, ichiban!!!!

Actually, I have to thank Marianne for all the guidance, advises and motivation that you had gave us. Although you did not sang with us on that day, but I think your always there beside us and supporting us. Great song selection and ur leadership is really important to us. Thanks, Moshi maro a.k.a. mummy.

The next schools to perform were TCS and Main Convent but I don't really care about their performance. All I know was that they did quite well..

RESULTS!!!!................ Drums rolls plz!!!
3rd place goes to.......... TCS!!!!!
2nd place goes to..........ACS!! Not too bad.. At last, we get something!! Thank God!! All the effort that we put in are not wasted! Thought we could be the champion but...

1st place goes to.........AMC
Best Conductor award goes to.............................. ACS!!!!! Yeah!! We got it!!! We retained this award! Haha!

After the competition, we take pictures as it was a memorable day for us!! After that, we went out to makan in Crazy Ice Cream Restaurant....and had a few rounds of bowling in Ipoh Parade!!!

Pictures :

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Interschool Drama Competition 2006

I took part in a drama competition on the 17th of April 2006. It's quite fun being part of the 15 person ACS team. I'm in the backstage and I'm in charge of the music being played during the 20-minutes drama.

The competition was being held in Sekolah Kebangsaan Berasrama Penuh Intergrasi Gopeng.
It is a huge school (It's a boarding school after all) but it's so quiet. I guess this school is full of bookworms only...hehe

Okay, back to the competition. I don't know how the other schools performed...we didn't watched at all. But I think we performed quite well. The title of our drama is called The Kingdom of Broken Hearts. The story of our drama is about a queen who wants a child so badly. Soon, a wizard grants her two children ; a son and a daughter. But too bad, the daughter is crippled. The wizard gives her conditions that she will treats her children with love and care.

But the queen did not obey the wizard. She treats her crippled daughter badly. In her minds, she's just a burden and humiliation to the kingdom. Years later, the wizard returns because of revenge on the king. Years ago, the king stopped the wizard from getting eternal power. The wizard also comes back because the queen did not keep to her word. The wizard took the son away.

The king orders his faithful messenger to get his son back. Unfortunately, the messenger dies while trying to save the prince. In the meantime, the queen is really sad and she blames her crippled daugther for the lost of her son. She mentally tortures her daughter. But even of all the torture, the daughter still love her mother.

In the end, the wizard returns and try to kill the queen. but he fails because the queen's daughter sacrifices herself trying to save her mother. The wizard also lost his powers because of the curse that was spelled on him a long time ago. He becomes very weak and escapes. He never comes back. The queen and the king are devastated by the tragic lost of their children. The queen regrets of the way she treated her daughter. That's is why the kingdom was named the Kingdom of Broken Hearts.

So, that's our storyline of our drama. The results of the competition was released on the 18th of April 2006. ACS got third place in the competition. One of our actor,Kenneth Ng, also won the best performer award..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ACTS Gathering 2006 Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 16, 2006

ACS/TCS Scout Gathering

A NEW ERA and A NEW REVOLUTION!! That's the theme of the 01 Kinta, 12th Coy and 10th Unit Ranger gathering held in ACS on the 15th of April 2006. This event was a joint school (ACS and TCS) scouts gathering. I did felt ashamed that I did not help much on settting up this gathering although I'm a Form 4 exco.

The day was started off with registrations by schools and participants of competitions at 8am. Competitions started at 9am. The competitions that were Iron Scout and Iron Guide, cooking competition, mini gadget, signature hunt, fear factorand mystery competition. Please don't ask me what happened in the competition because I have absolutely no idea what happened. That's because I worked in registration while the competitions were held.

The gathering actually started at 4.30pm. It's quite fun watching the opening yells of each school. The events of the gathering includes dance sessions, banner design presentation, sketches and highlights and so on..... The gathering is quite good but not perfect but it's better than I thought it is. During the dance sessions, the environment was noisy and chaotic. It's funny that when Fearless by Jay Chou(song) was played, the ACS scouts (not included me) started doing funny kungfu moves!!

The best part of the gathering is when SMI presented their dance performance on stage. It's fun seeing my friend doing booty dance on stage!! I can't helped it but to laugh!! It's so funny!! I actually missed the ACS sketch and singing performance because I had to go home early.

I think it's a fun gathering and if we (Form 4) get the chance again, we hope to be able to do another gathering next year!!!