Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mission 101: SKOOL Life

Mark my word.. I'm reviving my blog again. :p

There are people telling me that I have been living in a shell since schooling days ended. Really?What am I up to these days?
I'm not working. Hmm.. This is what my life has become. Getting addicted to k-pop, getting piano lessons from teacher Jian Ai, attempting to read my collection of books that are filled with dusts and getting glued to my com watching animes and drama series. Sounds fun? Not anymore. It's funny that when I was in school, I was always awaiting for the exciting things that I was going to do during the holidays. But now that freedom is achieved, boredom strikes me. To curb my post-STPM boredom, I have been working on some videos about some of my schoolmates.
The videos are on facebook. Feel free to check them out.

And the most ridiculous yet interesting thing that I did was getting into a disfunctional 'band' called WEWR which stands for WhatEver We aRe with Kavitha and Jian Ai. Our objective is to destroy and rip apart every great song out there with our terrible vocals. Our first video is on facebook too. Feel free to check it out but brace yourself..

P.S. : I will be heading to Genting Highlands next Monday with some friends and will be posting about it..