Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Letter to Our Sultan

To our benevolent Sultan Azlan Shah,

I am a born-bred Perakian. Batu Gajah was my home for the first four years of my life before my family shifted to Ipoh where we still stay in.

I have always loved Ipoh as a hometown, although I am now working in KL. This is the city where I meet my best friends, receive the finest education and lessons about life. I am also most proud of the Perak royal household that has always said the very things true to the rakyat’s heart.

I remembered that you once spoke to my brother who was only 7-years- old then.Though it was only a short conversation, nevertheless, the memory of you as a people’s ruler etched in our hearts. Hence, I plea to you, my dear Ruler, that you will exercise your excellent judgment and discernment to hear the hearts of Perakians, your people.

Today is indeed a dark day for Perak, where we see power struggle being on centrestage instead of nation-building. We have hopes of a better Perak, one that is growing economically and stability. And I believe Perakians have seen glimpses of development since Pakatan Rakyat governed the state.

Verily, the state government is far from perfect, far from ideal, but I believe this government ought to be given a more significant chance to serve the people of Perak. I am not a lawyer, hence, I do not know how to speak the lingua franca of law and legalities.

But, I do know that the Perakians have spoken on March 8, 2008 and we have chosen the government to represent us. At least, let us decide once again whom we believe can govern this state well. Let us have the government we voted for, not one that barges in through crossovers.

The time has come for nation-building to be the country’s and the state’s highest priority. The responsibility and privilege has become even more significant under such trying economic times, where the man on the street is hard hit and the poor becomes even poorer.

Yours sincerely,