Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh My Gdonoses! I Can Raed Tihs!

You msut be wndroenig waht am I wrinitg aoubt. Npoe. I'm not wnritig in a freoign lngguaae and tihs mgiht be the msot tmie-cnousimng peice of aticrle I had eevr wttrien in my lfieimte yet. And npoe. tihs arcltie is nthoing ipormantt. It's not aoubt ploiitcs or smoe screet msseages in mrose cdoe taht poeple use drinug war tmies. It is bsaialcly aobut mssipleled wrods. :P

Waht tggrireed me to wirte in scuh a way? I'm porabbly out of my mnid dinog tihs and nboody mghit eevr btheor to raed tihs. Wlel, it is siad taht eevrynoe can raed tihs. Yes. You can raed tihs riiducluos and piontelss atircle. Erm, if you had aleardy raech tihs piont, I tinhk you wluod had furiged taht out.. haah!! As lnog as the frsit and the lsat lteter of a wrod are psioiotned crroectly the hmuan bairn can fgiure out the wrod ppoerlry. Taht was waht I raed aoubt on the ietnrent wichh was siad to be a Cmardgibe Uvineistry epemnirext or it culod be a fkae one. Wlel, fkae eeiremnpxt or not, I can raed msot of the wrods. It's not jsut Egnlsih but I teird raeindg in BM and it wkros aamnizgly for me. Erm.. I'm straitng to tnihk it's jsut me. Myabe my mnid is so cofusned taht mssieplled wrods don't cnosufe me aynomre. I'll jsut sotp hree bferoe I go nuts.

P.S.1 - Read the comment section if u had given up reading this..

P.S. 2 - I tnihk my psot- STPM snyrdome is gteitng wrost.. XD

P.S. 3 - Pray for Malaysia for the events that occured recently! Pray for peace, calmness and safety!

Friday, January 08, 2010

First Parking Fine

My first ever fine. Isn't this something worth celebrating? Erm.... No way? Well, some people do find getting their first parking fine exciting... The effect of receiving this ticket is so enormous that they probably couldn't differentiate the significances of getting this 'ticket' and the jackpot ticket. I think I'm one of them. Someone should knock my head right at this moment.

What happened? After 'conquering' Kledang Hill and on our way back, I was supposed to drop by at the train station for Joan to get her train tickets. And that's what we did. After parking my car and out of norm, I did not bother to display my parking coupon. I simply assumed that I do not need to do so in a train station. Anyway, I was not the only one. I did not see any parking coupons in cars on either sides of my car. Excuses? No. On our way back to the car, we saw a guy coming out of no way to his bike which was parking very near my car. Everyone could have spotted something fishy. Apparently, I did not. I recalled giving the guy a weird look as he coolly got on his bike and rode off. It was such a fine day and I did not suspect anything fishy. So typical of me, right? Joan even asked of the possibility of me getting a fine. No way. I just brushed her off. So, we got in the car and I saw the sheet of paper on the windscreen. In other people's position, they would be in shock and sighing over their hard luck. I simply asked Joan this one question. Confidently, I asked her, "Oh, can you help me take that paper in?" And we left.

Joan even suggested to me to buy 4D lottery tickets. Good idea, right? But I'm too lazy to do so. To my readers... help yourself. There are various number combinations. Erm.. 0801, 0108, 4437, 7397 and the list goes on. But I'm not responsible for your addiction to lottery if you actually win or your losses.. Yes, losses.. I'm sure you will not just buy one.

For now, you can either congratulate me for getting my first fine or feel sorry for me for my bad luck. Or both.