Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Last Day of 2006

It's 31 of December and this is it...... the final day of year 2006.......... and u know what this means? Here comes 2007 and SPM.
2007 - SPM - The biggest and the most important exam of my life so far.... :(
Of course I want to do well...Well, I had to study extra hard.... as 2006 is kind of disastrous for me in my studies cause I didn't do that well... Everything is quite new back then.... Hope I cope with it now
School is restarting soon and the 6-week holidays are over
Well, at least, I have something to look forward to, right?
(Ya... speakin' of 2007, my sisters will be going to Hong Kong for holidays in January....... sounds fun... but I don't get to follow. ( ...nevermind....)
By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR
a new year, a new adventure!!! :D

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Melawati Christmas

I went to KL with my sisters for Christmas on the 23 of December. It is quite fun one for me as it is my first time joining my sisters in KL for Christmas.. Well... meeting new people, caroling and so much more.. But most of all, I found that this Christmas an awakening one for me. My sister, Ennie and I stayed in Dr. and Mrs. Chew's place which is in Taman Melawati. It is actually a very nice place.

Tmn. Melawati - a place where almost everyone I knew in Emmanuel EFC lives... A nice place as almost everyone from the same church lives nearby... I bet they are pretty close to each other.

Something that everyone will fancy in their home. This.... ar...(what shall I call this?).. is located just next to the living room in Dr. and Mrs. Chew's house. They are really nice to us during our stay... Thank you!... All their children are not in Malaysia but all their rooms are occupied.. Well, you see, we are not the only guests in the house. Mrs. Chew's niece, Alicia and two Germans (exchange students, I guess) are there too.

Well, on the first day, I went to the Youth Christmas Party which is held in church... Kind of cool because I got to see a little preview of the choir which my sister, Yen Nie is in... and also the recitation of the first 2 chapters of the gospel of Luke by a group of girls called the Messengers....(which is meaningful and good). More on the messengers, this one of the member's blog :

Never forgeting the dance performance....... And some games such as the Human Bingo. I get to know a few teens of my age..., Zhong Xin (did I spell it correctly?) and his brother (sorry, I forgot his name), VJin, Alicia (actually, at first glimspe, she did look a bit like my elder sister, Ennie), Evon and a few fellows whom I knew their names but doesn't really know them well... such as Tabby, SueAnn, Elise, Phoebe...........

The second day - Christmas Eve - Caroling Session - First stop - I'm in Tabby/Pastor Tony's house. Well, we sang some Christmas carols , of course...

I particularly like the song ' Christmas isn't Christmas' as the lyrics really reflects what it is today.

It starts with...
'Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart
Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts
So give your heart to Jesus you'll discover when you do
That it's Christmas really Christmas for you

Jesus brings warmth like a winter fire a light like a candle's glow
He's waiting now to come inside as He did so long ago
Jesus brings gift of truth and life and makes them bloom and grow
So welcome Him with a song of joy and when He comes you'll know

That Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart
Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts
So give your heart to Jesus you'll discover when you do
That it's Christmas really Christmas
Christmas really Christmas
Christmas really Christmas for you'

Christmas is really nothing if we don't know what is the celebration for. It's not about the gifts or the shopping..... Neither about Santa or the Snowman.......... For some Christmas is just another day.....
From reading the Daily Bread Christmas Edition, there is a line that says, "In all the busyness - the party-going, gift-shopping, and family gatherings - the One whose birthday they are commemorating is almost completely forgotten."

The tree in Tabby/Pastor Tony's house

The tree in Hon Yau/Hon Chien's house

My sister, Yen Nie, sharing her thoughts on Christmas

My sister, Ennie, sharing her experiences and thoughts on Christmas

__________Mrs. Chew______

Zhong Xin's guitar - a really nice one

Third day - Christmas Day!!!
The tree from the Century Paradise Club (where we have our dinner)

The cute boy ..... (Refering to the smaller one)......... I don't know why....... but I have more pictures of Hon Chien than anyone else... :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas is Here again!

It's 22nd today and soon it's gonna be Christmas day!!

25 of December is a day of celebration that marks the birth of Jesus...

It is a thing that many forgot as they are so enticed by the myth of Santa Claus.........

Here..... I wish everyone a Merry merry Christmas!!!!!!!


On the 18th of November 2006 (which is a Saturday), my family and I went to Elim Church, Ipoh to watch a concert... The singers are actually a Taiwanese duo called D&K which represents their own name, Danny & Kyle. Although I never heard of them before... it is said that they quite popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong... But they are actually quite good. Danny's voice is smooth flowing and easy listening.... while. Kyle is kind of a good guitarist... Their songs are practically inspired by christianity (Christians songs) and it's really nice....... Well, it's not just about the music..... from time to time throughout the concert, they telling stories about God and telling us about human believes and faith and they also tell us about the situation these days in Taiwan (maybe the world)....where I learn the hard but truth fact about the estimated number of people that had commited a year in Taiwan... It is really hard to believe it...I was touched by them and they really make us think a lot......I really glad that I was present in the concert sis and I was so attracted by them that we bought their album which is on sold after the show..


First of all, I have attended the Hillsong United concert with my sisters which is held in SIB KL (near Menara Star)... Hmm...How do I start?... This is probably the first time I went for a rock concert..(Well, to me, this concert is more like a rock concert than a worship concert..)

I knew my sisters may have a lot of critics for this concert.... They wouldn't have went for the concert if not for me... haha.......( Yeah.,.. my sis's friend was there too and he said the least expected people to be there are my sisters.....I kind of expected it...lah....My sisters aren't fans of Hillsong United...) So... it sounded like I dragged them to go with me...uhh..

I have some bad remarks about the organisers. First of all, they made us use the stairs even though there are lifts... They claimed that it was to prevent anyone from jumping queue.....rubbish!! Even when we are climbing up the stairs, there are people jumping queue! So, what's the point? So, we have to climb the stairs to the 5th floor.. At that moment, the staircase crampled up with people and we had to wait for quite a while in there as the people are not moving at all.

Then, when we reached the auditorium, I was shocked to find out that the place is already packed. I took a glimspe at the staircase and there are still a lot of people outside.. So, do you know what the organisers did? They asked some of the people to move to second floor to watch the concert live on LCD screens...huh... I was thinking.. how could they do that? All of us paid for the concert and we deserved to watch the concert live in the auditorium and not to watched on LCD screen!! It's too much!.

But me and my sisters went to the balcony and we sat on the steps....we were quite frustrated about it. But luckily we get a clear view of the stage. The concert is quite alright... though my sisters did not like it.. The band is really good! and I do enjoy some of their songs like One Way (Jesus) which make (almost) everyone so pumped up..! There are 4 guitarist ( one on acoustic guitar who is also the lead singer, two on electric guitar and one on bass guitar), one on keyboard and one on drums plus 2 other singers. So, it is actually quite a large band. There's a little incident where the lead singer's guiter string snapped while playing a song... I think not many noticed it..

If you ask me whether I enjoy the concert or not... my answer is no and yes.... Yes, I do enjoyed the's nice but everything else is bad.....