Sunday, January 14, 2007

Becks to LA Galaxy

As we all knew, David Beckham is joining the Major League Soccer (MLS) soon after the announcing of Los Angeles Galaxy signing him. Tell me, is he that desperate to leave Real Madrid to play for a literally unknown club in US? This will possibly means that we will hear less of him soon after he left the Galacticos. I don’t know how big football (or what the Americans insist in calling the sport – soccer) is in United States but MLS is really an unknown league for us. The only way I heard of the league is from video games like FIFA 07 or some other football games…

But seriously, I do think Beckham had finally made the best transfer choice of his life. Being a victim of Fabio Capello’s plan of clearing out all the under-performing stars, there is no point staying in Real Madrid anymore. I seriously don’t know what is Real’s contribution to football? They change their players and manager so frequently that I just wasn’t sure what they are doing? They are bringing players constantly for the reason of merchandising instead of focusing in the playing football. No wonder so many players aren’t able to settle down in Madrid and in the end, crying to leave the club for better chances outside.

Beckham is perfectly in this situation and yes, he is desperate to leave but why MLS instead of returning to English Premier League? I bet there are some EPL clubs that are still interested in him. Well, I can see that he’s trying to run away from the English press. Who wouldn’t? After being blasted so many times by the English press for his poor performance and captaincy for England and also his personal life, it wasn’t really a good idea for him to return to England. Secondly, he is not young anymore and he’s not as fast and great as he used to be. And take a look at players like Shevchenko and Ballack. They went to EPL with their high expectations. Now, we are really questioning their roles in Chelsea. They haven’t really adapted to the English game. Speed is everything in EPL and without speed; you are most probably will not make it to the top of your game.

And lastly, he’s going to a place where everyone likes him. Unlike the English fans that push him too much, he’s going to a place where he’s welcome. His deal with LA is extremely crazy. It is too much and that is what made him an overpaid and overpriced player. But I do think he made a good move. It is an opportunity for MLS to rise up to the game and be known.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Strum & Pluck

I started learning guitar in the end of year 2005 after a sudden interest in musical instruments. To be honest, I wasn't really seriously practising until last year. You know what now, .... I love it! The guitar gives me a lot of satisfactory and pleasure like never before. Well, I can say all that's needed to get started is enthusiasm. It's not like I'm very good in it as I can still call myself a novice. Summore, I'm a lefthander that uses a right hand guitar. I don't think there's any effect though. I still remember the day when I started playing.. I couldn't even press a single string properly. And I can feel the effect on my fingers. But now, a least it's so much better... I play strumming more than plucking.. Struggling sometimes... Well, it's tough..

By the way, Hon Chien told me about Tommy Emmanuel, a guitar maestro..He also 'pinjam' me a Tommy Emmanuel CD.. Then, I searched for his videos in Youtube.. I have never heard of him before. After watching and listening, my reaction was like ................. (speechless). He's so so so so good... (instantly became a fan). Totally amazing, probably one of the best guitarists in the world.

Hon Yau shown me this one ..... incredibly fast and freakingly nice..

I have heard of Classical Gas but not this version..
Somewhere in the middle of the video (around 2.40), I just don't know what he's doing...

One of my favourites. I could listen to this forever......... it's so smooth.

Ever heard of Jamie Wilson? He is also one of the 'cekap' guitarists..
My sister's favourite....

That's him next to David Tao..

John Mayer (It's fun watching this video)

This is Roger Wang, a Malaysian fingerstlye guitarist
Singing next to him is Mia Palencia

My sis said she'll get me a Fender if I can play as well as Roger Wang........
Is that a motivation or what? Seriously, I don't think I'll ever reach that level..
Sum more SPM is comin'....... Got to be a bookworm again...