Friday, May 27, 2005


Yesterday was a very different day for me. Usually on Thursdays, I have to go to school. But not yesterday. So, I can sleep a lil' bit longer. (haha) My family and I have to go to KL to send my sis (ta jie) to the airport (KLIA).

I waked up at 8 a.m. just to watch American Idol. I'm glad that Carrie won as my family supports Bo. And then, I found out that Liverpool won the Champions League. I'm very disappointed with AC Milan. They should have won the match after they score 3-0. Liverpool came back from 3-0 down to 3-3 and won the game by penalty shoot out. So, which do u think is the greatest comeback in Champions League? Liverpool vs AC Milan (2005) or Man Utd vs Bayern Munich (1999)?

After ta jie finished packing, we were off to KL. As usual, the long and boring journey.

After we reached KLIA, we have our meal in McDonalds before ta jie checked in. Ta Jie saw a person pushing a trolley and she reminded me of a movie called THE TERMINAL which the
guy collected back trolleys in the airport just to get the 25 cents. The money were to buy food in Burger King.

Then, it's time to say goodbye. I hope she had fun in New Zealand. ( Take more pictures!!!)

We were off to KL to visit my sis ( er jie). We met in KLCC. We had our meal in CHili's. I think this is the first time I'm unable to finish my meal.

After the meal, we went back to Ipoh.


Sunday, May 22, 2005


Oh!! I'm so disappointed. How can Man Utd lost? They were the stronger side in that game. Damn, I hate to lose. I'm sick of watching Man Utd losing especially by penalty shoot out. They should had seal the game with a victory but they have no luck at all. They had so many wonderful chances but yet they failed to score. What a disappointment!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005


Who will join Fantasia, Kelly and Ruben? Will it be Carrie Underwood or will it be Bo Bice? Who do u think will win? My choices?
I like them both but my money's on Carrie. It doesn't matter who wins because both of them are winners. They are the top 2 chosen to be in the grand finale of American Idol 4 from 100,000 auditions.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I think we should give Malcolm Glazer a chance. Who knows, Manchester United would be back in form again after he takeovers. There's no way he's going to destroy the club. Who wants to destroy something they bought. He's part of Man Utd now and we must accept him.

Will Man Utd able to defend FA Cup after Glazer takeovers? Posted by Hello
MAN UTD Seeing RED!!!!

Last Friday, Malcolm Glazer, the billionaire owner of the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, achieved effective control of Manchester United by buying a 28.7% stake in the club from Irish racehorse owners J.P. McManus and John Magnier. This is something I don't expected to happen as the fans were all against it. Now, Manchester United, the world's wealthiest and arguably most famous soccer club, became American property. After Glazer spent 2 years pursuing Man Utd, his effort finally pay off. As the fans were shocked about the news (so do I) , they came out with a plan. They will do everything they could to make sure Glazer's investment was not profitable.

"Even if Mr. Glazer succeeds in getting all-out control, the campaign by fans to show that no customers equals no profits will continue," Oliver Houston, of the fan group Shareholders United, told SkySports News in England."If that means starving ourselves [of soccer], and starving the club of income, in order to make this parasite detach himself from us, then so be it."

In my view, the fans should stand behind the club no matter what's the circumstances. Acually, the fans are the club's backbone. They must do whatever they can to help the club, not destroy them. Things will become even worse if the start protesting. The players will start playing badly dued to the inner problems of the club. Could they defend the FA Cup with problems around them?

The fans' belief is that Glazer has no knowledge of, or interest in, soccer and that he is trying to gain control of one of the world's most recognizable brand names strictly for financial gain. They fear he will raise ticket prices or even sell Old Trafford, the club's 68,000-seat stadium. Is this a nightmare for Man Utd? First, they lose fans. What are they going to lose next? The stadium?!! The players?!! No way!!!! The Treatre Of Dreams is the symbol of Man Utd and I don't think Glazer will dare to sell the stadium.

Meanwhile, fans criticized McManus and Magnier for selling their shares to Glazer. The two Irishmen netted a reported profit of more than $183 million on an investment made only four years ago."They have sold the Manchester United heritage," Mark Longden, of the Independent Manchester United Supporters Assn., told reporters in England. "They have proved that they were never interested in Manchester United or football." I agreed with that statement. If they were interested in football, they will never sell their shares to Glazer no matter how much he offer. Like what I said before, they should protect the club, not destroy them!!!

This situation is nothing simillar to Chelsea when Roman Abramovich bought the club. He set up a Roman Empire and spent 400 million for the club. And finally, Chelsea won the leugue for the first time in 50 years!!!! Will Glazer spend money for Man Utd or the club spent money for Glazer?!! Only time will tell. It is either Man Utd's going to be very successful or the club going to drop!!!

Slideshow : Man Utd fans protest Glazer's takeover.

Acually, Man Utd doesn't need that sort of cash to be successful.Manchester United has been English champion eight times in the last 11 seasons, its matches are always sold out, and it is competitive in the player transfer market. Last fall, it bought England international striker Wayne Rooney for more than $50 million.Whether the club will be able to keep up with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool if Glazer does take over, remains to be seen. Winning back the fans could take longer than winning another title.

"I'm giving up my season ticket," Nick Twole, president of Shareholders United, told reporters in England. "I'm not putting a penny of my money into this guy's pocket."

Elite soccer clubs
Manchester United is the wealthiest soccer club in the world.
Top ten soccer teams
Manchester United, England : $311 million
Real Madrid, Spain : $283 million
AC Milan, Italy: $267 million
Chelsea, England: $260 million
Juventus, Italy: $258 million
Arsenal, England: $208 million
Barcelona, Spain: $203 million
Inter Milan, Italy: $200 million
Bayern Munich, Germany: $199.5 million
Liverpool, England: $167 million
*from 2003-04 financial statements
Source: Deloitte Football Money League, Associated Press
Los Angeles Times

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