Monday, July 09, 2007

SICK again.

Since mid term exam, I told myself not to get sick during exams again. Well, here I am again falling sick during my Pernilaian 2 exam. Oh, I feel so crappy now. The school is really giving us 'first class treatment' by giving us 4 papers in a day even though it's only one hour per paper. Gosh, I'm really screwed now. BM, Mod Math, EST, English..... all gone. I think I really gonna get crap marks. I slept straight after finishing the papers; didn't really bother to lay an eye on them again. I knew I have make lots of mistakes but I didn't really recheck anything....

This two months ahead are really exams months. Soon after this exam, we'll gonna face the Gerak Gempur exam again.. Aiya, no one really take that exam seriously but I don't want to get crap marks ever again. Seriously. Then, SPM trials are on August 27. So darn early! I'm totally not prepared yet. I must start studying! I knew I'm not doing enough..

- I'm gonna have a badminton tournament this Thursday. Haha, laugh whenever u want. It's the ACS Closed Tournament.. so any ACS students can join. I was persuaded by Jian Ming to partner him in doubles. I wonder why he asked me. He's so darn good; my skills are poor and rusty compared to many other people. I'm gonna face Seng Hoe in the first round. He said he can and will finished me off in 15 minutes. Haha, 'very funny'. We'll see about that. Hope that the first round will not be my last round. Jian Ming is so gonna blast me.