Friday, June 29, 2007

Concert in Wesley

Last Sunday, a group of Koreans were here in Ipoh to have a concert in Wesley Church. I went to watch them with Fu Yii, Vivienne, Annie, Lip Hyean and Bryan and it was great! Believe me, they are really good! Can't really describe much unless you were there yourself. The fact many people went there not only for the worship concert but also to see leng cai leng lui... haha... But seriously, it was not a concert where people just cheer and jump around for nothing and have a good time and that's it. This concert actually got us thinking of life and of who we really are. Pretty much reminded me of the D&K concert last time.. but it's great! Only told my sisters that the singers are Koreans 2 hours before the show and they were like, " Wei, let's go loh". Korean fanatics... By the way, they sang in English not Korean.

----------------------The most perasan guy on earth, Fu Yii----------


- Starwalk, anyone going? I'll be going for it... and of course for the non-competition lar.

- Got home from school today and saw this book on my table. I remembered joining some slogan competition a few weeks ago and am quite surprised to find out that I actually won it.

- Ole BRATs was finally published in Star newspaper last Sunday after a long wait.. It's kinda weird to see my own face in it, seriously, but it's also kinda cool lar.. Reading the articles really brought me back to the memories. It was so fun. So emo.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Day in Sunway

- I spent my day in Sunway today. You'll most probably ask me why I was all the way there from Ipoh. Well, you can called it a field trip or something. It's actually an invitation from Sunway College to a few schools in Ipoh, KL and Melaka. So majority of my class included me went for the trip. I just came back after a crazy bus ride (explain later) so I'm feeling so darn tired..
Coincidently, Jo Ann was there too.. By the way, I was so surprised to meet Li-Ann there. The moment I arrived at Sunway and hop down from the bus, suddenly, Li-Ann just appeared right in front of me.. Coincidently, she was at the entrance too when we arrived. Yea.. she studies there.. ( What's up with all this BRATs stuff, huh?) Will upload the pictures and blog about the crazy trip later.
- Apparently, the no flicker plan did not work out. Somehow, since it's father's day, everyone is kind of busy with something. So, the gathering was cancelled lar...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Study Mode.

Holidays are almost over now and this means that I have to be in study mode again. I can't imagine how lazy I was over the past few days. It was the holidays that all of us, students, looking forward for. Now it's almost gone. And I think I'm starting to be worrying a lot over exams.. You know, all these fears of not doing well but all the hopes of scoring high. Well, is it wrong to feel the pressure? SPM is just like 5 months away! And I thought I have a lot of time. I was wrong. Study, study, study!!

Life after the holidays can be described with this 'equation'.
Tuitions + school + textbooks + study + study (again) + study (and again) + study (and again) =____________

Thinking back, it seems like PMR was just not too long ago. Haha. Time really flies lar... (How many times I had mentioned this).

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No flicker?

To give up my computer, the tv, my handphone and anything that flickers and consumes energy for a day, (knock, knock) is this reality?

No Flicker Day-

Remember what Niki said on the last day of BRATs camp regarding the no-flicker day challenge? I think we [me, Hui Ling, Jo Ann, Jia Xin, Joanna(maybe)], Ipoh BRATs, are about to accept the challenge which is on June 17. I just went out with Hiro, Jo Ann and Karen to 'bincang' about this and we are quite seriously thinking of it. But all of us were like scratching our head most of the time thinking of what we can do together. It's tough and we don't want to waste the day. But we kind of planned out something already but it's not confirm yet whether we are doing or not...

By the way, I forced Hui Ling and Jo Ann to show me BRAThematics today. I THINK I finally GOT it! How stupid I can be? I was just looking at the wrong thing.. Cis! With 2 games down now, I still want to find out about the 3-thing game, grandma, and horses.

Friday, June 01, 2007


------------------------------------The beginning------------------
---------------------------------Heritage Hotel-------------------------------

We went to Kampar for street poll. We ate breakfast there and I'm not surprised to see the KL people's reaction towards the food there.. It's SO MUCH NICER AND CHEAPER!! Yea.. we did some interviews there and it's not as easy as thought to be.....

-------------------------------The Super-huge-gigantic-aropaimas-----------

-----------------------fishy, fishy- they can't survived being alone----------
4 groups were leaving for 4 different destinations... My group, the BRAT-ish Papz were heading for two fish farms (edible and ornamental) in Gopeng. We interviewed the owners but this trip was better compared to Kampar as they were actually expecting us. Once again, it's not as easy as thought. Each time we thought we had enough information, Niki will be hinting the small little thing that we missed out... The trip was great.

-------------------------------Phui Yee, the Youth2 reporter-------------

We watched this movie and now, I knew why this show is so inspiring to Phui Yee... It's based on a true story. It's about a teacher who reached out to the students who had been living in bad conditions. The movie really tells out the lives of the students who were once in situations ( racism, gangterism, poverty) that they can't get out. And all this even happened in America. It's like no one tried to understand them. I liked the fact the that the teacher uses the effects of the cruelty of holocaust to inspire the students so that they can relate themselves to the victims. This movie actually makes you think in a different way. Not trying to be EMO here but it's a very inspiring and touchy show.

"I've tried so hard and got so far. In the end, it doesn't even matters!" Who can forget this moment? Sam singing In The End by Linkin Park. Out of a sudden, the night had turned into a karaoke session....'s fun!
KW Mak, the StarMetro guy - he just have that natural smirk on his face that everyone will remember....

Who can ever forget this guy? "How long have you been a peeping tom?", he asked in an interview practice. He's so funny and probably the one of the most EMO ones besides Ghaz..
-------------------------BRAT-ish Papz once again ----------------------------

-----------------Max doing his breakdance moves. It's cool!!--------------

We played a game called 'Aiyo Ping Pong Piang'. It requires so much of alertness and coordination. Guess what? We failed doing it and my group was the ultimate loser.. We got all these masking tapes on our face.... I don't even dare to look at myself.... but it's once again fun lah.

This camp is said to be the most EMO one ever. Yea.. I agree... Even now, I'm still feeling emo and I miss Brats... Oh..The spirit of emo-ness are in us!
~ps~ yea, Julian and Karyn.. I stole some pictures from you.