Monday, November 26, 2007

Pengisytiharan Tamat Pendudukan SPM

26th November 2007 - 3.30pm: Tarikh bersejarah yang tidak dicatat dalam buku teks. Kemerdekaan kepada kebanyakan penduduk Tingkatan 5 aliran Sains telah berjaya dicapai! Laungan 'Merdeka' selama 10 kali melambangkan 10 pertempuran sengit Perang SPM yang diharungi. Usaha perjuangan kemerdekaan yang bergentar-gentar terhadap pendudukan SPM yang bermula sejak awal tahun 2006 telahpun membawa hasil.

Bagi mereka yang masih bertempur lagi, teruskanlah perjuangan anda dengan semangat yang berkobar-kobar!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

School's Over; Exam Dilemma..

.~ Signing the school magazine

~Ok, that will my seat during SPM

~ That's my Sejarah teacher. (Darn strict but he's the coolest ever)

~Class of 2007 - My class teacher must be so 'relieved' that we r leaving after being 'tormented' by us for 2 years in a row. Yes, she was our class teacher last year too.

Everyone would have thought I abandoned my blog..
It's 2.05 am now and I'm still so darn awake..
SPM exam starts next Monday.. Hope and pray that I'll be fine...
School days are over now and most people will be heading separate ways after SPM.
I can't believe I'm saying this but I'll miss my skul life, my tuitions (yes, I'm serious) and most of all, my friends who have been in the same school with me since Standard 1 and Form 1..
Wow! 11 years of school in ACS had gone and past. But this year had been a very special one for all of us. Well, first of all, my class teacher got married. Secondly, my sejarah teacher got married to my EST teacher. Lastly, my EST teacher got married to my Sejarah teacher (Ok, that's the same thing anyway).

I'll miss 5B class. It's located strategically at the far end of the Form 3, 4 and 5 block which is the furthest away from the main entrance. Imagine how far we have to walk to get to our class. My school is not small, you know! It's really not an ideal place to study. First of all, the noise pollution from the primary school. Anyway, we, ourselves, weren't that quiet after all. Then, the air pollution which is because of open burning outside our school compound by some irresponsible people. Last but not least, the smell pollution which is because of the open burning and also because my class is located directly above the toilet.

But anyhow, 5B class is where we had our best time together. We were always able to make fun out of nothing. The times when we turned our class into a futsal ground.

It's getting late now and it's time for me to sign off now.
All the best to everyone who is taking SPM or STPM examinations!!
God Bless!