Friday, June 12, 2009

Musical Child Sensations

There's something I really have to blog about today. Musical child prodigy. It's a wonder that some kids are born with such big talents that leave us all speechless. Well, prodigy might not be the right word to use as their talents are not only gifts of God as a lot of hard work are put in too.. It's too bad I wasn't included in this category. Saddening but it's okay. Seriously.

So you think kids with musical instruments are cute... Wait till you see them play..

Yuto Miyazawa (9 year-old guitar prodigy)

Don't you think his polka dot guitar is way too big for his size...?

Jung Sungha ( 12 year old Korean fingerstyle guitar sensation)

Igor Falecki (4 year old Polish drummer)

Yuto Miyazawa playing Ozzy Osbourne's 'Crazy Train'

Jung Sungha playing 'One' by U2

Sungha composed this song for his beloved dog, Coco.

Lee Shuan Hern (child pianist)

Yoo Ye Eun (5 year old blind pianist)

Igor Falecki

Yea.. they are cute and extremely talented.. I'm completely beaten off. haha. I'm putting my guitar to rest for the rest of the week...




Ennie said...

I didn't know you put this on your blog as well. Well, with brothers like this, who needs enemies? =P

Anyway, am stillllll waitinggggg forrrr my REAL present! =)

er jie said...


That's a really good one..but don't you dare do this to your er-jie !